Private Lessons


Private lessons provide 30, 45, or 60-minutes of instruction designed to nurture individual talent, provide students the opportunity to learn practice skills, develop technical skill, improve musicianship, and gain repertoire knowledge and appreciation.

In addition to the ten private lessons included in the tuition fee, students will have the opportunity to perform in a recital as well as for master classes with University of Maryland faculty. Dress rehearsals will be held the week before the recitals.


*Lessons with University of Maryland faculty members may require an audition. Please email for more information on teacher selection and availability




Lesson Tuition


Faculty Members


10 Week Semester (September 10 – December 2, 2018)

             30-minute lessons - $900

             45-minute lessons - $1200

             60-minute lessons - $1500



Teaching Artists


10 Week Semester (September 10 – December 2, 2018)

             30-minute lessons - $600

             45-minute lessons - $800

             60-minute lessons - $1000




Registration and Tuition:


To register for lessons and/or classes, please fill out the registration form located on our website. This form gives you the ability to pay by credit card. Tuition must be paid before lessons can begin. No refunds are available after the second week of lessons.


Registration Fee - $30








Group Children’s Piano


Tuition: $480


Ages 7–8

These lessons are for seven- and eight-year-old children with no previous piano playing experience. This class will introduce children to beginning piano and musical concepts in a fun, educational environment where they have the opportunity to make music with their peers!




Group Adult Piano


Tuition $200


One of our incredible artist faculty will teach you the fundamentals of piano playing in a lab setting, a unique environment in which each participant sits at his own piano using headphones to play privately while simultaneously listening to the instructor. Upon completion of this class, you will be able to navigate the keyboard, read simple music and play some familiar tunes.  




Buddy Lessons


Tuition: Discount 30 percent off regular lesson price per pair


Take lessons with a friend! Buddy Lessons are recommended as an intermediate step between school group lessons and future private lessons. Buddy Lessons are not confined to any age level but generally meant to serve beginner to intermediate levels of performance.




Introduction to Piano 4-hands and Collaborative Arts


Tuition $500 (limit 6 people per class)


One of the great pleasures of music making is in being able to make music with others.  This class introduces pianists to 4-hands at the piano. The literature for this class will be exceptionally broad and covers all eras of music.  This class is an excellent way to introduce musicians to the concept of ensemble playing and includes study of the basic principles of the collaborative arts, including how to play with other instrumentalists, singers and in large ensembles; the role of sight-reading and learning to read and listen to instrumental lines along with piano parts will play an important role in these lessons This class will also cover techniques such as; rehearsing with instrumentalists, learning quickly, style, communicating with others and more. Final project will include a recital.


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